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Automatic Air-assisted Fog Cannon Sprayer For Dust Control Large Area of Agriculture and Forestry Pest Control

The air-assisted dust control sprayer takes on the unique functions and roles on condition of different industries and working targets.

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The package is export standard 40GP and 20GP containers.

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20~30 days

The air-assisted dust control sprayer takes on the unique functions and roles on condition of different industries and working targets. It can be widely used not only in agriculture, forestry, pest- control and water-spray for road protection forests, but also in water fog spray dedusting for coal yard, ore yard, slag yard, iron ore stockyard, power plants, raw materials plant, port, shipping coal, house demolition site, construction sites and so on.

1)The sprayer producted by Nanyang Machine has the advantages of wide cover range, good penetrability, wide coverage, high working efficiency, high spray speed, and it sprays smaller fog particles which is easy to absorb dust particles when collide with dust and can quickly achieve dust control when used to the yard easily to produce dust;  
2)controlling by program , remote operation ( cab-operated), simple operation, wide range of applications:
Long range,penetrating well;It can achieve spraying with low volume.Saving water;high efficiency;
3)When spraying the dust of the yard , it can easily fully contact with the floating dust and generate damp mist by combining dust to mist. so that the dust settled fast and control drift of dust effectively.

The applicable scope of the dust-setting sprayer
1)it is suitable for restraining all kinds of industrial dust pollution easily causing by demolition, construction, municipal construction and pile of coal, ore yard, port, dust by bulk cargo yard, etc.
2)such as handling dust pollution in terms of mining and blasting dust, unloading area, port of shipment, ore, waste residue, bulk powder control and so on.
3)large area of agriculture and forestry pest control.


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