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The Working Principle Of High Pressure Reciprocating Pump
- Oct 24, 2016 -

High pressure reciprocating pump, main applies Yu oil, and chemical, and fertilizer industrial as process pump, oilfield, and salt mine as Note pump, pipe, and pressure container as try pressure pump, and booster pump, building, and shipbuilding, and chemical, industrial of high pressure cleaning except scale, boiler water, and hydraulic mechanical of drive source, and and food, and pharmaceutical, and instrument, need high pressure fluid and process pulse requirements high of sector.

High pressure reciprocating pump is powered by an electric motor, coupling and reducer, transmission parts, pump parts, composed of common base frame. It was adopted by the motor, belt drive or stepless speed reducer, driven crankshaft rotation, push rod by sliding blocks (cross head) so that the plunger for straight reciprocating motion, head under the action of opening and closing of the valve to the pump suction and discharge hydraulic purposes.

High pressure reciprocating pump material according to transport all kinds of high pressure fluid needs, forged carbon steel alloys, stainless steel, import and export the valve seat, valve cover, valve packing, plunger key flowing parts using 2Cr13, stainless steel, non-metallic materials, 9Cr13, ceramics, F46 valve ball and other materials.