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Self-service Car Wash Machine To Change The Traditional Business Model
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Self-service washing machines lead to innovation and technology, coupled with the current self-less car wash group, market wider, we service at home, now more and more people's lives better, almost every family had a car, which brought unlimited business opportunities to the self-service car wash machine.

Self wash car machine phase compared, between automatically wash car machine and small self wash car machine Zhijian; on function, has wash car shop of wash car machine and the bubble machine of all function suitable Yu property community, and gas station, and parking himself purchase business, on upgrade itself image, increased service level sense, self wash car machine to value-added service increased customer trust degrees, improve overall business quality.

Using self wash car machine wash car solution wash car problem, self wash car machine change has traditional of business mode, regardless of owners is card also is voted currency wash car, must first recharge or voted currency, is first charges Hou service, owners active recharge, voluntary consumption, self wash car machine of birth not only solution has people wash car of problem, while also to low carbon environmental made has great of achievements.