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Regulate The Flow Of Reciprocating Pump Through The Methods Used
- Oct 24, 2016 -

A, bypass control reciprocating pumps

Set the reciprocating pump bypass tube, adjust the by-pass valve opening, so that the liquid returns to the suction pipe, following the flow of the pump discharge pipe in past. Electric reciprocating pump should be a safety valve when the exhaust pipe when the pressure is high, the overflow valve opens, in order to avoid overload of the pump and prime mover.

Second, change the speed of reciprocating pump

By reciprocating pumps flow calculation formula can be seen using reciprocating pump with variable speed motor speed can achieve the purpose of flow control.

Third, change pump piston or piston stroke (stroke)

And change the eccentric, plunger idle, the length and position of the linkage rod to change the piston or plunger stroke, to change the way of reciprocating pump flow.

Four, reciprocating pump with flow regulation

Top of the motors can be used to open the pump suction valve suction valve return suction liquid in the cylinder, returns to the suction pipe, thereby reducing reciprocating pump discharge stream.