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Pressure Washer Is What Constitutes
- Oct 24, 2016 -

An alias for the high pressure cleaner can be referred to as high pressure water-jet cleaning machine, whose main component is made up of four parts. They are:

First part was--configured with high pressure water. High pressure cleaning machine is the most important component in configuration with high pressure water, which includes: supercharger, centrifugal pumps and plunger pumps.

Second part-the working power source. For some of the more commonly used by small pressure washer power source is typically a motor.

Part three--high pressure pipe. High pressure tube is necessary to connect the nozzle and high-pressure pump original, hose reinforced layer of the material is of high quality steel wire.

Part IV--the nozzle and attachments. The function of nozzle is in high pressure and low velocity water into low pressure high flow water.