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Analysis Of Automatic Washing Machine Four Advantages
- Oct 24, 2016 -

1, 8-15 minutes from General labor to wash a car, use a washing machine to wash a car only needs 3-4 minutes. Increase efficiency and create more wealth, lets you wash more cars at the same time, seize business opportunities from it. Now the increasingly rapid pace of life, people enjoy washing cars, they can save more time, this is their value-added services.

2, from the current issue, where car wash car wash employee shortage, use washing machine can greatly reduce labor, reduce labor intensity, saving employees ' wages.

3, the use of new technology research and development of general purpose computer car washer cleaning and research will be washed by hand is more likely to attract customers, at the same time we improve the overall image of the shop, and can substantially increase their income.

4, car washing equipment can using the circulating water equipment, water can reduce the 1/3 of the original, more effective and rational use of water resources, energy conservation and environmental protection.