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Power sprayer use what
- Oct 24, 2016 -

1. open jobs:

(1) province, drugs, pollution, which play a full, reducing pesticide inputs, spray 3.3-6.6 ha per hour.

(2) insecticides and high efficiency.

(3) range, flat spray coverage, spray and mist can reach more than 50 meters.

2. in greenhouse operations:

(1) save time and effort. Water and pesticide after blending in the 100 meter length of house within 10 minutes after spraying.

(2) quick. Fine particles penetrating power of the sprayer, directly through the plant canopy layer insecticidal, fungicidal.

(3) the effect of lasting. Drug particles of size 0.5-10 microns, a long time (2-8 hours) floating in the air.

(4) not to increase humidity. Rainy weather is normal spraying to ensure yield.