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Generators in use should pay attention to what the safety concerns?
- Oct 24, 2016 -

1, use: gasoline generators should ease in use outdoors or in the engine room ventilation good place, not near the doors and Windows and vents to avoid carbon monoxide into the rooms.

2, fuel storage and use: generator fuel should be stored in a dedicated warehouse, library equipment is necessary to fit the fire within the provisions of part, the use of fuel and generator using the instructions or requirements on the label matches.

3, generator connection: outdoor cable standard is necessary to the satisfaction of the electrical load requirements, when using an extension cord, to recognize outstanding insulation between it and Earth.

4, keep the gas clean: before the notation used oil drums of diesel, through full deposition, deposition time preferably within 3 days or more, refueling should also carefully filtered to prevent mechanical impurities mixed with, during operation should also adhere to the cleaning of tanks and refuelling.

5, can be mixed with other fuel: oil if the presence of fuel, combustion will be poor, resulting in starting difficulties, and not even to start.

6 choose premium gasoline: gasoline is directly related to the quality of small gasoline engine is running correctly.