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Foaming machine works
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Regardless of the foam machines, foam principle is to introduce air into the foaming agent solution. A variety of models of change is the introduction of gas in different ways, and different effects.

Foam formation there are two essential factors, is a foaming agent solution, and second, the air, the two are indispensable. No foaming agent solution, surrounded by liquid membrane will not form a gas, there is no bubble. Without gas, foaming agent solution, bubbles could not form.

In the system of bubble formation, foaming agent solution is the dispersion medium, gas is dispersed, the gas dispersed in a liquid to form bubbles, then number of bubble bubble. In addition to the foaming properties of this important factor, introduced gas foaming agent solution is another important factor. Gas into liquid, must rely on foam machines to complete, namely foaming machine uses a certain method to introduce gas into the liquid.