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Foam machines, production
- Oct 24, 2016 -

1, feeding and mixing: through quantitative feeding system of cement, foam, foam booster joined Blender, dry mix for 30 seconds;

2, mixing: the amount of warm water adding mixers, wet mix 2 minutes; quantitative foaming add to mixer 8-15 seconds;

3, injection molded, foam: foam then pump slurry into the mold, the foaming process approximately 3-5 minutes;

4, initial maintenance: casting complete rest for several hours after the initial maintenance;

5, stripping: for cement foam insulation Board to complete the initial setting, with strength in the early release;

6, cutting: possess the necessary strength of cement foam insulation board blank release immediately after cutting, cutting specifications needed to adjust the cutting blades;

7, finished conservation: cement foam insulation board curing period shall not be less than 7 days.