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Briefly advantages and disadvantages of gasoline engine
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Briefly advantages and disadvantages of gasoline engine

Gasoline engines are gasoline-fuelled engines. Due to the viscous small gasoline, evaporating fast, can use a fuel injection system of petrol is injected into the cylinder, compressed up to a certain temperature and pressure, spark plugs ignite the gas expanding do work. Gasoline engines are characterized by high speed, simple structure, light weight, low cost, stable operation.

Compared with the diesel engine, gasoline engine with low noise, smooth running, easy to start in winter as well as engine speed range of effective (1000-7000rpm), fast response and so on.

Disadvantages of gasoline engine thermal efficiency is lower than that of diesel engines, fuel consumption is high, ignition systems more complex than diesel engines, reliability and ease of maintenance than diesel engines.